Glacier Park Hiking Route Planner


This is my Glacier National Park hiking and camping route planner, I created it to help with planning backpacking or hiking vacation trips. It covers most of the backcountry campsites, and the lodges and campgrounds connected to hiking trails. (the backcountry campsites should have a three-letter abbreviation that should match the code from the Glacier Backcountry Guide) Just select the stops on your route from the pull-down menu for each day of your hike, and the routePlanner will compute the distance and elevation gains and losses.
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North Fork Camps
Belly River Camps

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I may not have all the distances or elevations exactly correct.  I also 
don't have all possible routes, in most cases if the distance between two 
places was greater than 15 miles I didn't put it into my planner, so for 
example it won't calculate your distance between Bowman Lake Campground 
and Waterton Lake; but you could plan a route between those two places by 
connecting campsites.  Bowman Lake, Browns Pass, Lake Janet, Waterton.

I'm on the Glacier Chatters site (ID:MattB) let me know what you think and if its useful.